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Vit C powder


Bija VitC powder
Synthesis of Collagen. This helps get rid of wrinkles.
Brighten and tighten the skin , Help skin repair itself
Decrease Melanocytes: Reduce the effects of negative sun exposure


For Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Treatment Mixed with water [ratio vit C 3 : water 100] or Mixed half of bottle into Bija Facial Essence After mixed with your cream. Keep your final product in the FRIDGE if possible Finish it within a week after mixed. Brighten Dark Spots Use 1/2 teaspoon of the powder and about a tablespoon of water—be diligent about these portions to prevent skin irritation. Store your new serum in a dark container to prevent the vitamin C from oxidizing and keep at a low temperature (the fridge is a perfect)

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