Hand and Body Cream


NaturalBeeswax In addition, its rich vitamin A content and emollient properties help in the healthy development of skin cells. helps support cell turnover and reconstruction.
It is a natural moisturizer that not only treats dry skin, but also helps prevent it as it's holding in moisture and reducing dryness Anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties of bees wax can actually soothe easily irritated skin, making it one of the best skin care ingredients for those who suffer from allergies or other skin problems like rosacea or eczema.
#RiceBranOil In Asian countries women use rice bran oil not only for dressing up their salads, but also, they apply it directly on the skin and hair.
Rice bran oil is a natural antioxidant; fight free radicals, thus, preventing aging process. Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, rice bran oil is able to deeply penetrate into skin’s layers, nourishing it from within, making your skin very soft and velvety.
It naturally helps to protect the skin from sun damage


Apply and gently massage on your skin. Hands and body butter is drenches your skin with moisture, so if you have really dry skin, this is an excellent bet.
*Can apply as a night cream on your face.

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