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In Ayurveda, teeth are considered part of Asthi dhatu or bone tissues.
Herbs taken internally to strengthen bone, like the skeleton and the joints, are good for long-term health of the teeth.



More than 10 kind of herbs such as

Clove: naturally antibacterial and gives a great taste. It's perfect for treating cavities, bleeding gum, bad breath, toothache, sore gum, and mouth ulcers. It helps a breath freshener and will keep the teeth and gum strong.
Nutmeg: alleviate oral conditions, natural pain-relieving characteristics.
In traditional medical applications, nutmeg was considered the king of spices when it came to oral health. The active antibacterial components of nutmeg means that it helps to fight conditions like halitosis, also known as bad breath. It kills the bacteria that causes this embarrassing condition, and generally boosts the immunity of your gums and teeth. This is why nutmeg and its extracts are commonly found in toothpastes and mouthwashes, particularly in organic or herbal varieties.
In dental care has traditionally been clove. But few might know that nutmeg too has proven antibacterial properties that protect the teeth and gums. Nutmeg oil has eugenol, which brings relief from toothache.
Camphor: anti bacterial. It prevents tooth infection and helps to fight tooth pain and others herbs.

Camphor: anti bacterial. It prevents tooth infection and helps to fight tooth pain and others herbs.

NO Preservative, forming agents or color added.

Refreshing and revitalizing tooth cleaner.
Help your teeth smoother and breath fresher.
Prevention of gum disease, toothache, bad breath and mouth ulcers. Apart from this, it also acts as a powerful natural remedy to get whiter teeth.

WHY Tooth Powder
It is alkaline and full of minerals.


As Toothpastes by apply on the wet tooth brush and brush your teeth as usual.
Or together with your toothpaste

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