Everything begins with the planting of a seed



products by Bija Herbal's origins were born out of time-tested experience and trust in using natural health products. With this, the founder was inspired to produce all-natural health and skincare products for herself and friends. Positive feedback from its users encouraged her to produce more, and distribute it to a wider market. Using the name 'Bija ' - a Sanskrit word, which means 'the seed' or 'the origin'. The name is befitting of the products as all raw materials used are from natural resources and originates from the seed.


Some of Bija Herbal skincare products
are not only 100% natural

but is based on proven and effective traditional medicine practiced for many generations.

One example, is the rice-washed water which has been used by the Thais as a face and hair wash in the olden days. The turmeric, has long been used for cooking as well as an herbal cure for skin problems such as itching, acne and many more. These two natural ingredients are the base for the 'Face Cleansing Rice Powder,' the first product of Bija Herbal.

Another product line of Bija Herbal is inspired from the knowledge on Ayurveda.

For more than ten years, Bija Herbal's partners studied Ayurveda with master in India. He then combined this new knowledge with Thai Traditional Medicine. Bija Herbal's Tooth powder and Ayurvedic massage oil [Soothing Oil] are produced from a combination of both systems of knowledge.

Plant-based medicated oils for the hair and scalp tonic and relaxing oils for the muscles are also produced, again, using the principles and methods of 'Ayurveda' - one of the oldest traditional healing practices known all over the world now.

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